Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Coconut Disaster Cake

I know I'm really selling April's coconut cream cake with my title. And it was actually delicious, but it was truly disastrous in the making.

It was supposed to be four layers of cake, alternating with three layers of coconut cream filling, topped with a whipped cream frosting, garnished with coconut shavings on top. The cake layers and icing were phenomenal! The cake was dense and moist, the icing was creamy and light. Really, really good.


The cream filling did not set up properly. Like, not even close. This may have been my error, but it turned out more like a creamy pudding that poured over the sides of the cake. And all over the serving plate. And onto the counter. I really should've taken a picture of the disaster, but I didn't.

*Note: This is a picture after all the cleanup was complete. Much better plating than I would've predicted, based on the ooze that was all over my counter.

There was a LOT of cleanup. But here's the finished product.

I struggled quite a bit with what I would write this month, mostly because the only thing I can think about with coconut cake is my dad. I actually don't really like coconut at all. In fact, Jonathan and I both scraped the shavings off the top before we ate it. But my dad loved the coconut cake that my grandmother made, so this month's recipe immediately brought him into my kitchen. He would've loved this one too, even with coconut cream ooze going in all directions. My dad was the definition of unconditional love and support. If they have internet in heaven, I hope he tunes in this month. The kids and I send our love.